Where are the trendy's made

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Where are the trendy's made

Ongelezen bericht door gearheadeh » di, 28 apr 2009, 08:07:39

Hope this is the right section to post this! Hoping someone knows which city and country in Europe has produced All the smaller Subaru's : Rex 600, Mini Jumbo, Trendy and Justy like the Keke Rosberg option?
My Justy is starting to feel large when I drive it. Time for something SMALL.

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Re: Where are the trendy's made

Ongelezen bericht door Deimos000 » di, 28 apr 2009, 11:32:52

No, this isn't the appropriate section, but don't worry about it.. The titles aren't in english either... ;) Questions like these should be posted in "Subaru Algemeen" meaning "General Subaru" topics. I'll move this topic there :)

As for your question, Subaru is probably built somewhere in the UK or Germany.. I really don't know..
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Re: Where are the trendy's made

Ongelezen bericht door justyfever » di, 28 apr 2009, 12:19:58

In Sweden the Justy was called Trendy, I don't know if Sweden was the only country in which the Justy was called Trendy.

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